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Adults Classes


We are a non-syllabus school, giving us the freedom to create fun and varied lesson plans. Our classes offer unique Jazz Modern and Musical Theatre dance, incorporating exercise routines to help improve and maintain fitness. Our aim is to teach our dancers to move well, look poised, graceful and confident, resulting in an improvement in confidence and self esteem. 

Adults Classes

we offer a dance and fitness workout which promises to give anyone a sleek silhouette. It is a fact that dancing is the best form of exercise to ensure every single muscle in the body is used and toned! Forget the boring treadmill ad join us for fun and fitness 

Adult's Workshops- A one off workshop can be booked with us whereby our teachers dance with a selected group of friends teaching them fun dance routines both from old classic tunes and current favourites

Adult's Parties - A unique and tailored experience to make a special day a memorable and fun one. A hired venue or at home, any theme and music of your choice

Performance and entertainment- Introducing , a performing trio of dancers bringing their skills in choreography and theatre to the stage. With their dazzling costumes and dynamic energy, this group is guaranteed to create an air of sophistication, glamour and fun for any event! 


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GLITZ, new adults performing group, ask for details

These professionally trained dancers have combined their strengths in various dance techniques to create fresh, captivating choreography that travels through the eras and pays tribute to all of the elegance and allure of London. Their medleys blend timeless classics with popular radio tunes, enjoyable for a wide range of audiences. With costumes and routines tailored to suit any theme, Glitz will be the perfect addition to any special occasion.

Various themes include- The Great Gatsby, Modern and funk, The 80's

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